Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thai food:Yum Hoi Mang Pu

Yum is Thai "spicy salad" (roughly translated). Yum usually contains meat or seafood type of fish sauce and lime juice and chilli is ground. This particular model prepared with mussel meat. Thais tend to eat a yum-plate type. appetizer or empty. but not strange to Yum as part of your staple food. This recipe serves four. Ingredients:. 1 cup mussel meat. (You can buy mussels or mussel meat in a half shell - mussel meat, but far easier to work with.). 2 tbsp fresh lemongrass sliced lengthwise and finely-inch bar. 1 / shallots 4 cups sliced finely. 10 goad Kee Noo (chilies Thai) (the use of the flat to flat with them the seeds to break through the skin.). 1 head lettuce (for decoration). Hands full, fresh mint leaves. 2 tbsp fish sauce. 2 tbsp lime juice. Preparation:. 1. Mussels clean and wash them in water. 2. Use a small pot to the boiling water and add the mussels. Boil them until done shortly. 3. Stress and mussels make them together. 4. Take water from the pot and add all the items followed by mussels and other people.

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