Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thai food:Miang Kum

Miang Kum, Having a snack or as a regular component in beer. (Any beverage will do). Miang Kum is normally served on a large platter with several items that all separated. By. generally begins with a leaf of spinach leaves or other vegetables to dig to form into a small spoon-like form. then you will add shredded dried coconut, lemon red onion diced, peanuts, dried shrimp, and may choose noo kee. or two. (Select Kee Noo is less spicy Thai chilies cheesy.) Finally, add the dollop of sweet sauce and voila! Enjoy.

1 coconut.
1 / 2 cup diced red onion.
1 / 2 cup lemon diced (in the shell).
1 / 2 cup peanuts.
1 / 2 cup dried shrimp.
Approximately 50 leaves of spinach.
10 chilies sliced Thai.
1 / lemongrass 2 cups sliced.
1 / 3 cup shrimp paste.
2 / 3 cup sugar, coconut.

From the coconut.
Cut and remove the coconut meat (the white part duh!). Tear it sliced small. Shreds time and the frying pan and heat them in golden brown. (On medium heat this should take approximately 20 minutes or so. ).

Now for the sauce.
Use small or medium pot and heat until sugar dissolved. Should be the form of syrup consistency. And then add the shrimp paste. Please add the shrimp paste on sugar syrup to a boil and cook for a few minutes to burn otherwise.

Cooking at all. Now here is how to service it ...
Many contain small condiment or small saucers. Individual ingredients in small dish of its own. And then record the very central place spinach leaves and round saucers arranged in a manner appropriate to the bitter taste of an individual aesthetic.

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